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I have been insured with Ralph Householder approximately five years and he has always been a please and a professional associate to do business with. Besides being a great fishing friend, I appreciate his loyalty and punctuality in his profession.

--- Reggy

Ralph is able to provide us with great insurance rates and the excellent service that goes along with it. His follow through is outstanding and very much appreciated. We know his is always there to help. It is nice to know we can always get a hold of our agent. We have recommended Ralph to our family and friends.  Two very satisfied clients

--- Joe and Debbie Barnes

Priority Insurance supplied my Commercial Property Insurance for the past eight years. Ralph has been an invaluable resource for my business. His service, value, and advice are first rate.

--- Dan Nelson from NW Handyman Services

Ralph Householder has been my Insurance Agent for 15 years now. He has helped me with Auto, Home, Life, and Business Insurance and has always been there with his patented “Unbeatable Service”. He has even saved me even more money since he became an Independent Agent. Thanks Ralph!

--- Jeff Johnson

I have been a client of Ralph Householder with Priority Insurance for several years. Ralph is friendly and provides great rates and excellent service. I am extremely happy with Priority Insurance and have referred quite a few friends to him that have been equally as happy

--- Chris Borg

Ralph reviewed our personal and commercial policies. Not only was he able to save us several hundred dollars, but he found a mistake made by the previous company and we are getting a refund of over $1,000. Great Job Ralph! Thanks

--- Lyndy Martushev from Stone Age Marble and Granite

Working with Priority Insurance was a breeze, they shopped around and got me a great deal.  I also really enjoy the fact that my agent was a real person with a personal touch, I know I can reach out to him and he will be there when needed.

-Joe Young

Ralph is AWESOME!  As an Independent Insurance Agent, he has access to numerous markets which means he can take care of everyone.  Better yet, the prices for insurance he gets are amazing.  I have a friend whose insurance for their out of state home was going up from $475 per year to $1,450 per year.  They were devastated.  They called me and I put them in touch with Ralph.  He was able to get them a policy for $415 per year.  My best recommendation to call Ralph for a quote and have him save you real money like he has me.

--- Steve Gray

“I’ve known Ralph for years.  When it came time to look into options on serving my insurance needs, it came down to service and trust.  Ralph is a top notch guy that really knows how to serve those he provides for.  He also is a guy I could trust since I’ve known him personally and professionally for years.  It’s been a pleasure being able to work directly with an insurance agent, rather than simply sending in an EFT payment to a company that I may not know a single person at.  If I have questions or needs, he is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable in his profession.  When it comes to protecting your assets, look no further than Ralph Householder to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you’re served, and served exceptionally well!”

--- Adam Rogers

“I know David both professionally and personally. This year my previous agent retired and I needed someone new. This was at the same time that I was purchasing a house. I reached out to David and he responded immediately. Since then he has been attentive, professional, motivated, and very reliable. I have complete trust in him and I recommend him to anyone.”

--- Garren Pedemonte

They say when you are looking for insurance that you first buy the agent, then the insurance. Good advice. Ralph Householder has been taking care of my insurance needs for 15 years. His service and care cannot be overstated. And I certainly have put it to the test over the years! Always great. What more can you ask for?

--- Mark Heininge

Ralph quotes both my auto & homeowners insurance. My auto for the same coverage was $30 less a month. I was extremely happy. My homeowners was canceled due to “living in the forest”. Ralph found me very reasonable insurance. It was a little higher due to moss being on the roof but we are working on that to bring the premium back down. I was happy to get insurance on the home period. Ralph does a great job!! He also save my roommate money on her auto insurance!!

--- Debi Vann

David was a huge help when it came to our housing insurance needs.  Highly recommended if you want a stress free experience!

--- Ben Thomas

Ralph provides the highest level of customer service imaginable! He's honest, straightforward and will help you find exactly what you need. If he can't help (rarely the case) he's honest enough to tell you that he can't. Best in the biz, no doubt. So glad to have found him! Thanks for everything, Ralph!

--- Andrew Walsh

Mr. Ralph Householder’s work as an agent is superior.  The outstanding feature is his service orientation:  he consistently keeps in contact with his clients.  To me, this is the hallmark of an agent:  he lives by his word, and he finds the best response to an insured person’s needs. I heartily recommend Mr. Householder.

--- Dolores Dinneen

My husband and I were referred to Ralph Householder early in 2015 when we were looking around for someone to help us update our home and auto insurance policies.  We had not made a change to our coverage in the previous ten years, and had become been dissatisfied with certain aspects of our coverage and our Farmer's agent at the time. After having us fill out a few basic forms, Ralph prepared a package of quotes that completely and intelligently readdressed our insurance needs, some of which had changed fairly significantly in the last few years.  In addition, he saved us a significant amount of money in premiums---on our auto policy alone he reduced our yearly costs by 50%, while improving our coverage. The whole process took very little time,  and Mr. Householder was efficient, communicative, and knowledgeable in all of our dealings with him.  My husband and I would happily recommend his services to others without reservation.  We look forward to working with him in the future, as I feel confident that he will be an active participant in keeping our coverage current and cost effective in the coming years. Sincerely,

--- Alistair and Mary Scriven

Ralph Householder has been my insurance agent since 2010. I was pretty sure I had the best rates and coverage possible but then on the recommendation of a friend I got a quote from Ralph. I was really surprised at the quote. Not only did I save hundreds on my auto policy per year but I got a much better coverage as well. My renters insurance was $300.00 dollars per year with the previous insurance company for only $25,000.00 in coverage. Ralph got me $50,000.00 in coverage for $150.00 per year. Aside from great rates and better insurance coverage I have personally enjoyed working with Ralph. He really has great customer service skills, is very professional, and has been known to tell a good joke two. Anytime I have had a claim Ralph gets back to me promptly and helps me with all my concerns. I am not the most organized person in the world so there have been at least a dozen times that I have called Ralph while standing in line at the DMV or at the counter needing my policy number or proof of coverage faxed over. Each time Ralph has come through promptly. If you are considering getting a quote from Ralph I would definitely recommend it. This really will be a relationship you will have for life as it is proving to be for me.

--- Josh Dudleston

Ralph, as you know I was referred to you by my daughter, she got such a reasonable quote from you that she wanted me to get a quote  for both our homes and autos. I was shocked at the amount of difference in the cost to me as to what I was paying with my currant Insurance company,  And I got all of the same coverage that I was getting with my currant company. I decided to go with Safeco for that reason and because of the friendly  and personal service I received from Ralph. Anytime I called he was right there to help me in any way that was needed. I have told family and friends about Ralph and  I’m hoping to send more family and friends his way, I know they will be as satisfied as I am.

--- Pam Burgin

Ralph has been a great insurance agent for us. He has helped us through several transitions of renters insurance while we were waiting for our home to be sold out of state, then we bouthg a home, different vehicles, another house, and of course our boat!  We have become friends over the years as who can resist his relaxed, yet responsible manner. We checked prices for the first few years and were able to save money while knowing we would get great service.  Both personal and business insurance with great service and excellent advice.  We trust him to recommend the right type and amount of coverage.  He will tell you the odds of needing a larger umbrella, for example.  How to get the best protection you need at the best value. We certainly appreciate his professional expertise that we can trust. Thanks,

--- Bonnie in Tualatin

Ralph Householder has his clients best interest at heart as he shops for the ideal coverage for auto, home and businesses. Insurance is a ‘necessary evil’  for perils that come our way and he will make sure the perils are covered with the right amount of protection.

--- Sam Thannickal

David is an amazing agent. He helped us get a fantastic plan at a great price and saved us money. He was very knowledgeable and also friendly. An issue came up with our account and he was very responsive and had the error corrected immediately. I have and will continue to recommend your services to my friends and family. Thank you!

--- Mike Spencer

He handles all of our insurance needs: homes, auto, and business. When I call Ralph, if I don't get him immediately I know he is going to get back to me promptly and I will not have to repeatedly call him as I did my previous agents. In fact we have gotten bids from him that were NOT the lowest but because of his excellant customer service, we have gone with him- you DO get what you pay for. He is a very personable man and I enjoy my conversations with him either on the phone or in person. I would highly recommend him to anyone who puts customer service high on their list.

--- Mary K. Means… Means Landscape Maint., INC.

I have been with priority insurance for about a year now and have been overwhelmed with their customer service. When I call my agent Ralph he was knowledgeable and efficient to get the job done. Personally I should move to priority insurance sooner because I save over $45 dollars a month which was about 20% of my bill each month for the same insurance. Give Ralph a chance to be your insurance broker.

--- John Pereira

I have known and done business with Ralph for the last 14 years. He is one of the hardest working and trustworthy, people I know. He is always looking to improve our coverage, with in budget. I have all my vehicles, my house insured with Ralph; my wife at her business uses his services.I would trust Ralph with any one I refer to him. --- Ben Sinsel from Ubetcha Entertainment LLC

David was Very Efficient and provided exceptional Service

--- Olivia Harris

I have known David since college and had been seeing his Facebook posts about his new insurance business for about 6 months when I got the renewal notice for my then insurance.  It had gone up significantly with no accidents, tickets, or claims on it and my wife and I were frustrated.  I finally called David and he came to my house the next day and sat with me and showed me more options than I could have ever thought about.  It was nice to catch up with an old friend and at the same time save a ton of money.  He was able to find us a better car insurance plan that saved us over $300 per year with better coverage and deductibles.  He then asked about our new home and who was our insurance through to see if he could save us money.  David actually was able to bundle our auto policy with homeowner’s through Safeco which saved us another ~$150 annually yet actually insured our house for another $40,000 of coverage than we previously had.

I am so happy that I called David when I did because we have saved hundreds of dollars and now have someone personable and reliable that we can contact if we ever need insurance help.  I just bought a new car and instead of dealing with the insurance company, I just sent David a text with all the info and he took care of all the changes for me.  It couldn’t have been easier.  No one really wants to deal with insurance so it is nice to have someone that does it for a living and enjoys it that I can call whenever I need and I can trust that everything will be the best it can be.

--- Eric Pitkanen

David Bates was great at keeping up with our needs to get the required Home Insurance to meet our closing date.

--- Derrick Chan

Very Knowledgeable. David is always willing to help as questions arise.

--- Les and Sophie

David Bates was wonderful to work with when my husband and I needed to review our car and home insurance. He made sure to review what we wanted, and was able to find some areas that we had not thought to insure that were important to us. We now have coverage that reflects our needs and it saved us $1000 a year. The best part is that we are not sacrificing having a great insurer with our savings on insurance. It is so nice to have a person we can call with any questions, and who knows the right questions to ask.

---Kimberlee Christian

David has always been helpful in finding the right insurance and in assisting us with accident claims. Thank you

---Steven and Stacy McKillop

Customer Service is David’s priority. I appreciate the time he spend to make sure I understood my insurance coverage

---Tripp Wright

Not just a free quote, Prioroty Insurance gave us $600 in savings even with the addition of an RV! Priority Insurance service impressed us so much we now have our home owners policy through them too.

---Wayne Breese from Prineville, Oregon

Everything was Above Expectations. Signing up for insurance through you was the easiest and fastest experience I've ever had with insurance. You were exceptionally pleasant to work with, and I am comfortable recommending you to friends.

---Lyn Mink

I have used Ralph householder at Priority Insurance for all my insurance needs. The service has been blindingly fast and personable. All of my calls and questions have been addressed promptly. To boot we have saved thousands of dollars. After a brief trial we now have all of our insurance there. Homeowners, Auto, Business and our investment properties are all insured there. Would I recommend him.....Heck yes, you will not regret it for a second.

---Derek Louw from Consumer Credit Auditors LLC

I am happy that I asked for an insurance quote from Ralph.  He was able to save me hundreds of dollars a year for the same coverage I was paying too much for elsewhere. Thanks Ralph!!

---Joe Dombek, DC

So just when business is good and I am ahead of the game, my wonderful insurance agent catches me and reminds me that it is renewal time for the business insurance. Yippee, boy was not ready for that! BUT it is ok, because Ralph makes it smooth and simple, I paid up the renewal and no offense meant but I hope I don't have to talk to him at all for another year except for renewals. Thanks Ralph, pricing is great and your service is stellar. Great rates on great coverage for my business insurance in a timely fashion. What more can I say about insurance. Thank you.

--- Johnny Bravo Services.

"I am would like to say if Ralph Householder is not your insurance agent your just wasting your time. Ralph will contact you either via email or phone to let you know your dues are up. If you happen to get into an accident, and you call him he will call you back on a timely matter. Before Ralph was my agent, I had called him because my farmers insurance agent wasn't calling me back. I had been rear ended on the freeway and Ralph called me back within five minutes, And at that point he had not been my insurance agent. When my dues came up, of course I switched over to Ralph Householder insurance and saved over $700 a year in doing so. I will be a customer of Ralph's  forever."

--- Jeremy Pfisthner

"After many years of having an insurance agent who we pick because of the company he represented.  I find it very comforting to actually have an agent whom I can call with questions and will get back to me quickly with the answer.  I am very happy to call Ralph Householder with Priority Insurance my insurance agent.  I know that he will always be looking out for my best interest.  Thanks Ralph for making insurance easy. Sincerely"

--- Crystal King

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